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At Emerich, we offer our solution focused approach to all problems and difficulties that can arise on your project. With an extensive history in remediation work and innovative development of cost effective solutions, we are proud to be a part of maintaining project momentum when the unexpected presents itself.


We offer our history and experience as a partner in the construction of your project across the earth moving and civil fields including;

Estimating and take offs.

- Development of construction methods.

- Develop innovative and cost effective solutions to problems and difficulties on site.

- Project resourcing. 

- Site management. 



We offer all manner of remediation work to existing assets and development of preventative / protective maintenance including but not limited to;

- Cracked / blocked pipe and drain repairs.

- Damaged pavement repairs.

- Cracked concrete protection / remediation.

- Modifications and variations to concrete structures. 

- Protective coatings.

- Cover and grate repairs.

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