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Emerich Earth and Civil are equipped for all forms of civil earth moving and design needs, from small domestic projects through to the design and construction of road ways, retaining walls, drainage and concrete construction. We offer ongoing maintenance to assets on completion, remediation works and solution development to those that are wearing the test of time. We aim to solve any problem at hand in the most efficient manner ensuring cost effective progression for our clients. 

Civil Works


Here at Emerich, we have worked proudly for and along side our clients on a number of civil projects including;

- Volumetric surveys for earth works cut and fill models and estimating.

- Drainage excavation and installation. 

- Electrical excavation and installations. 

- Light Tower installations.

- Footing excavation and construction. 

- Concrete construction. 

- Road way construction. 

- Commercial warehouse hard stand construction.

- Dam construction.

- Retaining wall design and construction.

- Bulk excavation works.



Our expertise and history in civil works ensures we hold the capability to design, solve and construct a wide range of civil project requirements. We are eager to deliver solutions to all problems that may present them selves for our clients, including but not limited to;

- Table and Swale drain design and construction.

- Footings and concrete slab design and construction.

- Storm water drainage design and installations.

- Retaining wall system design and installation.

- Water retention basins and dam design and construction.

- Roadway / carriage way design and construction / preparation.

- Pavement design.

- Concrete structure design and construction. 

- Survey.

- Remediation works.

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